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Radici: the company

Our history

Our history is made of traditions, people, and those places that have given birth to the best of Made in Italy. A tale of creativity, quality, and the ability to innovate, authored by bold business leaders.

The entrepreneurial adventure of Pietro Radici begins with the production of fine rugs woven on jacquard looms, under the name Tappetificio Nazionale Pietro Radici. A proposal for urban employment in an area that was lacking resources at the time.


The first diversification of the company begins with the production of preformed carpets for the automotive sector. In just a few years, the division becomes a leader in the Italian automotive supply industry.


These are the years in which the company looks ahead, chooses its path, opens the division dedicated to wall-to-wall textile flooring, and launches the Sit-in brand, backed by a group that has reached a thousand employees. From being a leader in the Italian market, it establishes itself on the international stage.


The product offering expands with high-quality custom products thanks to the acquisition of Due Palme, the oldest and largest European producer of wool wilton and jacquard textile flooring.


Entrepreneurship is about foresight, and the company decides to invest in the artificial turf sector for decorative and sports use.


The company redefines its core business, focusing exclusively on product competitive advantages. Tappetificio Nazionale becomes Radici Pietro Industries & Brands S.p.A.


The Radici Marine division is born with the aim of offering customized solutions for cruises, ferries, and yachts.


On July 26th, the company is listed on Euronext Growth Milan, the Italian stock market dedicated to high-growth potential companies.


Today, thanks to an innovation-focused approach, the company meets and anticipates international market trends with a spirit of adaptability. This same spirit, throughout its history, has allowed us to start with just two looms and become an industry leader.



We are committed to researching and developing innovative and eco-friendly production strategies, monitoring our environmental impact, and working to reduce emissions, minimize waste, and optimize available resources. We test and select high-quality yarns, giving preference to local suppliers to ensure maximum color brilliance, wear resistance, and durability.

Cultivating relationships, sharing goals, paths, and challenges is a fundamental part of our corporate culture, characterized by listening, exchange, respect, and trust. We work together to create high-value projects and build a more sustainable future.


Our vision is to enhance people’s quality of life through innovative products that bring value and satisfy specific needs. We accompany our customers at every stage of the process, developing unique solutions that can address their needs, even the most complex ones, while delivering the best in terms of quality and reliability.

The facility is organized like an ecosystem where each department communicates with the others to ensure the excellence of the collections and control over all stages of production. From color laboratories to weaving and tufting departments, from dyeing to finishing, the needlepunch division, all the way to hand finishing. Over 40,000 square meters dedicated to 100% Made in Italy production.

360° Sustainability

Being creative means living in empathy with the environment and the world, and creating projects that make it a better place for everyone.