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Respect for Nature

We firmly believe in the importance of developing sustainable production processes, based on the ethical and balanced use of resources, with the goal of preserving the surrounding environment and improving the quality of life. We are committed to researching and developing cutting-edge and eco-friendly production strategies, while closely monitoring our environmental impact. We work consistently to reduce emissions, minimize waste, and maximize resource efficiency. This journey is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

Some numbers


of raw materials used in our production comes from recycled or regenerated materials. The use of secondary raw materials is a practice we employ throughout the entire production process, offering a range of recycled products available for every supply sector.


of post-industrial waste generated by our production is directed towards energy or material recovery in collaboration with local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.


A significant portion of the packaging used for our products is chosen based on sustainable principles. Most of the packaging for our products is made from recycled materials, and we promote a reverse logistics system that facilitates their return to suppliers for recycling. Additionally, we implement internal reuse practices for durable packaging when feasible.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Since 2013, we have been dedicated to identifying responsible and sustainable production solutions, demonstrating tangible results through a continuous reduction in production consumption over the years. Through the adoption of renewable energy sources and process optimization, we have achieved a significant decrease in energy consumption and methane, by 30% and 39% respectively. Furthermore, through a water recycling system, we have reclaimed 55% of the water resources needed for our production activities.

Solar Energy for More Responsible Production

Innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility guide our growth. In 2023, we made a significant investment in renewable energy by installing a photovoltaic system capable of meeting 40% of our company’s energy needs: a tangible testament to our commitment to a greener future.

The new system drastically reduces our environmental footprint, cutting CO2 emissions by approximately 700 tons annually. The installation represents a concrete expression of our ongoing dedication to production that is increasingly focused on sustainability and eco-compatibility.

Certified quality

A tangible sign of our dedication to providing products and services of excellence, in accordance with the highest industry standards.