Italian excellence since 1950

We have been celebrating the textile culture of Val Seriana, the land where we were born, since 1950 and within a few years, we have reached the world, becoming an international and diversified group.

Italian excellence resonates in a group of individuals who engage every day to provide innovative, yet environmentally friendly solutions. Radici is craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a passion for a profession that thrives on passion.


Our divisions

Each of our divisions represents a fundamental pillar of our company, a tangible sign of our growth and commitment to excellence.

Radici Carpet

The division that, for over 70 years, blends history, style, innovation, and design in the field of textile flooring for HORECA, offices, residential, and commercial establishments.

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Radici Marine

The business unit entirely dedicated to the naval industry working closely with professionals in the cruise, ferry, and yacht sectors to provide tailor-made textile flooring solutions for their specific needs.

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Radici Sport

Radici Sport develops and manufactures innovative artificial turf for the professional and amateur sports world, as well as for landscape applications, ensuring high standards of reliability and long-term performances.

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Radici Automotive

The division specialized in creating customizable textile accessories for vehicles, offering tailor-made solutions that combine quality and sustainability.

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Our first e-commerce platform for rugs and artificial turf designed to fill every space with colors, emotions, and sensations.

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